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Get rid of excess weight and symptoms of constipation

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AB Slim Tea
100% natural product
Golden Award winner
Available in pharmacies all over Lebanon
Delivered to all countries
Each bag of AB Slim Tea contains 100% natural ingredients that help lose 4 to 5 Kg per month
Price inside Lebanon: $16

Get rid of excess weight and symptoms of constipation

Our Tested Claims:
  •   Tastes great
  •   All natural, no additives
  •   Reduces weight by 4 to 5kgs per month
What it does?
Most of us take pleasure in a cup of tea, but could the nation’s preferred drink assist us alter those surplus pounds?
In accordance with recent studies, it seems losing those surplus pounds could be as easy as sitting back and drinking tea all day. It sounds like the perfect solution, and yes, it is! In fact, AB Slimming tea assists you lose those extra pounds naturally and at the same time make you healthier and put a stop to loads of diseases. Indeed you do not even have to go out there and waste a lot of money like most diet plans make you do.
AB Slimming Tea is a blend of rare Chinese green tea pulled out from premium types “Oolong”. If truth be told, the history of Chinese diet tea dates back to 2000 BC, where thousands of people used to have this tea so as to make their immune system sturdy and efficient.
Chinese slimming tea has unbelievable consequences if you desire to use it for losing weight naturally. The best quality connected with this tea is its outcomes on metabolism.
AB Slimming Tea does not have adverse side effects. While drinking AB Slimming Tea you definitely require continuing eating healthy.
Key ingredients:
Each AB Slimming Tea teabag contains; Green tea, honeysuckle flower, Cassia Seeds, Lotus Leaf, Fiveleaf Gynostemma, Hawthorn Fruit, and Honey.
Therefore, it has:
No Preservatives
No Artificial Colors or Flavors
Directions for use:
Plunge one tea bag in a cup of boiling water for 2–5 minutes to preferred strength and taste; for best results drink AB Slimming Tea after your meal or before sleeping. If desired, add sugar or sweetener to taste.
Pack size:
30 teabags
Our exclusive 100% Natural Slimming Tea blend was purposely created to support you reaching your weight loss ambitions and may aid you;
  •   Softening of the stomach
  •   Solve Colon Problems
  •   Solve indigestion problems
  •   Reduce stomach puffiness
  •   Absorb a lesser amount of fat and shape less oily tissue.
  •   Boost your metabolism
  •   Aid with Digestion
  •   Improve your digestive process.
  •   Decrease the excess of water retention and bloating.
  •   Reduce your Cholesterol levels.
  •   Diminish and regulate the blood sugar levels.
  •   Lose Weight carefully and rapidly
  •   Slimmer waistline
  •   Burn carbohydrates
  •   Better sleep
  •   Clearer facial appearance
  •   Reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases
  •   Reduce stress and depression
  •   Improves short memories
  • Stop sitting around thinking and start doing!
Advisory information:
Store the tea in a sealed container, away from wetness in a fresh dark place away from the sun.
You can and SHOULD carry on with your customary exercise routine without doubt.
Please refer to the directions of use
To guarantee the best results, kindly, fulfill the instructions of use, in addition to observing your weight before and after use.
Keep in mind AB Slimming tea is a tea product and not a medicine.
Found exclusively in pharmacies, drugstores, medical clinics
Safety information:
Do not drink AB Slimming Tea whilst you are breastfeeding or if you are pregnant.


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