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100% natural product
Golden Award winner
Available in pharmacies all over Lebanon
Delivered to all countries
Holder of certificates from country of origin
Soft pad made of silk and herbal ingredients for vaginal care, helps prevent vaginal inflammation and protect female genital system, as it sterilizes, disinfects, prevents itching, and eliminates unnatural odors.
Can be used anytime except during pregnancy and menstruation
Price inside Lebanon: $14

Say goodbye to vaginal infections.

Our Tested Claims:
  •   Decreases inflammation and itching by killing the bacteria.
  •   Strengthen the reproductive system.
  •   Decreases unwanted after-birth secretions.
What it does
It is no surprise that more women are receiving awareness. They are currently using natural substitute that are completely ecological. It is significant to have a trademark of hygienic napkins that can provide relieve to have a sane lifestyle.
Merging the most excellent fabric tools and herbal science, Freshlady offers relieve and sanitation like nothing else. Made from extraordinary polymer and superior botanical ingredients, it gets rid of sanitary difficulties to keep you feeling dry, bright and at ease. Based on the synchronization of the female reproductive organs; Freshlady is a new, efficient and tested concept that unites care and prevention at the same time.
Freshlady is a natural comfortable-to-use pad:
  •  Avoids vaginal infections.
  •  Prevents twisted emissions and disagreeable vaginal odors.
  •  Gets to the trouble via the “microcirculation” system.
  •  Prevents itching, infections, and allergies by ensuring the right ventilation.
Do not hesitate to use Freshlady the unique herbal product! FreshLady is your only product that combines prevention, protection, comfort, efficiency and ease of use.
 Key ingredients:
Freshlady is a 100% made of silk and natural products with high competence and definite results that will meet all your desires and that satisfy the requirements of all modern woman.
Directions for use:
You are advised to use 3 pad per month.
Pack size:
12 Freshlady pads.
FreshLady presents a lot of benefits and features to attract each and every woman to select it as her “pad of choice”:
  •  Best natural herbs pad
  •  Helps to prevent from infections of the women’s reproductive system
  •  Helps resist bacteria
  •  Neutralizes and avoids the undesired odor
  •  Relieves discomfort
  •  Does not cause any kind of allergy
  •  Ultra-thin for more freedom in movement
  •  Regulates the endocrine glands and the menstrual cycle without any side effects, since it contains antimicrobials
  •  Helps prevent vaginal eczema and itching
  •  Nourishes the vulva via its unique preventive layer
  •  Preserves cleanliness
Advisory information:
Freshlady could be used at any times, except during menstruation and pregnancy.
For external use
Store Freshlady at room temperature
Found exclusively in pharmacies, drugstores, medical clinics
Freshlady is Suitable for all women aged between 15 and 65 years
Best Times to use Freshlady:
  •  Sleeping hours,
  •  Post-birth period
  •  The post-menstruation period
  •  Following a sexual intercourse or swimming
  •  During work
  •  Sports
Safety information:
Pregnant women are forbidden to use Freshlady.


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